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Celebrate Asteroid Day 2021 with NASA and The Asteroid Foundation

Researchers on two channels will help you learn about space rocks, exploring asteroids and keeping our planet safe from near-Earth objects.

Why is there so little water left on Mars?

Mars is known for its thin atmosphere, where CO2 dominates and provides most of the atmospheric mass and pressure.

Phantom energy and dark gravity: Explaining the dark side of the universe

Understanding the 'undetectable' cosmos could lead to significant changes in some highly cherished theories about space-time.

Live coverage: Virgin’s small satellite launcher ready to soar into orbit today

Live coverage of the countdown and launch of a Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket. The air-launched rocket will climb into orbit with seven small satellites after release from a Boeing 747 carrier aircraft southwest of Los Angeles. Text updates will appear automatically below. Follow us on Twitter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Virgin’s live webcast begins at 5:30 a.m. PDT (8:30 a.m. EDT; 1230 GMT).

Virgin Orbit Webcast

NASA to test new solar sail technology with launch in 2022

NASA says it plans to test new solar sail technologies in space by the middle of next year.

Virgin Orbit will launch 7 satellites into orbit from carrier aircraft. Here's how to watch live.

Virgin Orbit plans to launch seven satellites this morning (June 30), and you can watch the spaceflight action live.

Astronomers spot 3,000 light-year 'light echo' of dying supermassive black hole

The "active galactic nucleus" phase of the supermassive black hole at the heart of the galaxy Arp 187 has apparently just ended.

Pin your way to VIP Webb launch party with ESA’s new Pinterest channel

ESA is diversifying its online presence with the launch of a Pinterest channel and is reaching out to this highly creative audience to plan a space-themed Halloween party around the launch of the international Webb mission later this year.

Shoemaker Crater, Australia

Image: For Asteroid Day, the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over the Shoemaker Impact Structure (formerly known as Teague Ring) in Western Australia.

Eye of ESA’s asteroid mission

Image: Eye of ESA’s asteroid mission

CubeSat will sift asteroid secrets from reflected sunshine

As ESA’s Hera mission for planetary defence probes the Didymos twin asteroid system, it will be joined by a pioneering pair of breadbox-sized ‘CubeSats’. Juventas will perform radar soundings while Milani will image the bodies in a wider range of colours than the human eye can see, prospecting the mineral makeup of individual asteroid boulders.

Reprogrammable satellite shipped to launch site

An advanced telecommunications satellite that can be completely repurposed in orbit has arrived at its launch site of Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana.

The latest ESA Impact is out now!

The latest ESA Impact is out now!

The second wave of 'Star Wars: The High Republic' novels is here. Here's what to know.

Disney Lucasfilm Press has dropped new info regarding three new "The High Republic" books that arrive starting on June 29.

SpaceX scrubs launch after helicopter ventures into restricted airspace

Credit: Michael Cain / Spaceflight Now / Coldlife Photography

A private helicopter flew into restricted airspace near Cape Canaveral moments before the scheduled liftoff of a Falcon 9 rocket Tuesday. SpaceX chief Elon Musk said the keep out zone for launches is “unreasonably gigantic” and called for updated regulations.

The Federal Aviation Administration clears commercial and private aircraft from safety zones around rocket launches. For missions departing from Cape Canaveral, the U.S. Space Force also plays a role in ensuring public safety.

SpaceX was set to launch a Falcon 9 rocket at 2:56 p.m. EDT (1856 GMT) Tuesday to begin the company’s Transporter 2 rideshare mission with 88 small satellites.

But the Space Force’s range safety officer declared the range as “no go” for launch less than a minute before liftoff. The countdown stopped at T-minus 11 seconds, and SpaceX announced the launch was scrubbed for the day a few minutes later.

“Unfortunately, launch is called off for today, as an aircraft entered the ‘keep out zone,’ which is unreasonably gigantic,” Musk tweeted. “There is simply no way that humanity can become a spacefaring civilization without major regulatory reform. The current regulatory system is broken.”

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Russia's Progress cargo ship successfully launches to space station

Tonight (June 29), Russia's uncrewed Progress 78 mission successfully launched to space.

Virgin Orbit planning to launch seven small satellites Wednesday

Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket under the wing of the company’s Boeing 747 carrier jet at Mojave Air and Space Port. Credit: Virgin Orbit

On the heels of its first successful orbital launch in January, Virgin Orbit is gearing up for its first operational mission Wednesday with a flight of its air-launched rocket off the coast of California to deploy seven small satellites.

Virgin Orbit, founded by billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, has a launch window of roughly two hours Wednesday to release the LauncherOne rocket to fire into orbit.

“We have completed our L-minus one day preflight briefing from our pilots, and the system is green for launch,” said Dan Hart, Virgin Orbit’s CEO, in a conference call with reporters Tuesday. “So we are good to go at this time.”

Early Wednesday, ground crews at Mojave Air and Space Port in California plan to load kerosene and liquid oxygen into Virgin Orbit’s two-stage rocket mounted under the left wing of the company’s Boeing 747 carrier aircraft.

After final closeouts and pre-flight checks, the 747 flight crew will taxi to the end of the runway and depart from Mojave for an hour-long cruise to the mission’s drop point just southwest of the Channel Islands.

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Russia gears up to launch space station resupply ship

EDITOR’S NOTE: NASA TV’s live launch coverage in English begins at 7 p.m. EDT (2300 GMT). The Roscosmos webcast in Russian begins at 6:30 p.m. EDT (2230 GMT).


Roscosmos Webcast

A Russian Progress supply ship is set to launch Tuesday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, commencing a two-day chase of the International Space Station with more than 5,000 pounds of fuel, water, spare parts, and experiments.

The Progress MS-17 cargo freighter is mounted on top of a Soyuz-2.1a rocket for liftoff from Baikonur at 7:27:20 p.m. EDT (2327:20 GMT) Tuesday to kick off the trip to the space station.

Launch is set for 4:27 a.m. Wednesday local time at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a historic spaceport operated by the Russian government on the steppes of Kazakhstan. That is about a half-hour before sunrise at the launch base.

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'Star Trek: Prodigy' reveals cast and characters

Images and details have been released about the cast and their respective characters from "Star Trek: Prodigy," the new animated "Star Trek" show.

New Photos and Video Shows China’s Zhurong Rover on the Move

New images from orbit and from Mars’ surface show the Zhurong rover on the move. China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) released new pictures and video this week, and NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has followed the rover’s movements from above.

The image above shows wheel tracks left behind by the Zhurong rover.

A look at Zhurong’s underbelly in this image from a video. The lander seen in the distance. Credit: CNSA

“As of the morning of (June) 27th … the ‘Zhurong’ rover has been working on the surface of Mars for 42 Martian days and has traveled 236 meters in total,” CNSA said in a press release. “The orbiter and the rover are in good working condition. (They are) reporting safety from Mars to the Party and the motherland, sending distant blessings at the time of the Communist Party of China centennial.”

July 1 will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

You may recall that on June 1, Zhurong moved to place a wireless camera on the ground, and then went back to take a self-portrait of itself and the lander. That movement is now shown and documented in footage of the rover reversing, and seemingly backing itself into the sunset, and maneuvering into place next to the lander.

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