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A new theory of quantum gravity could explain the biggest puzzle in cosmology, study suggests

A new theory of quantum gravity, which attempts to unite quantum physics with Einstein's relativity, could help solve the puzzle of the universe's expansion, a theoretical paper suggests.

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Alabama high school students win world's largest rocketry challenge

High school students in Russellville, Alabama win the American Rocketry Challenge after months of designing and building a victorious rocket.

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Watch Jedi battle hand-to-hand in new clip for Disney+'s 'The Acolyte' (video)

A new official clip has just been released by Disney+ for "Star Wars: The Acolyte" showing off the martial arts fight choreography featured in the upcoming miniseries.

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US economy to benefit from NASA investment in 3D-printable superalloy

"Adoption of this alloy will lead to more sustainable aviation and space exploration."

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SpaceX to launch 23 Starlink satellites from Florida on Tuesday morning

SpaceX is set to launch yet another batch of its Starlink internet satellites from Florida on Tuesday morning (May 28).

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2024 hurricane season should be busy, NOAA says

With La Nina conditions evolving in the Pacific and near-record warm waters in the Atlantic, scientists expect the 2024 hurricane season to be a busy one.

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This telescope can observe stars, satellites and more during the day. But how?

An innovative telescope design has proven successful for daytime skywatching, opening new doors for uninterrupted observation of the cosmos.

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'It has an 'Aliens'-like vibe:' 'Atlas' director Brad Peyton on channeling James Cameron (exclusive)

An exclusive interview with director Brad Peyton on Netflix's new sci-fi film "Atlas."

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Starmus 2024: Scientists and musicians unite in Bratislava to celebrate planet Earth

Here's what it was like to experience the Starmus Festival in Bratislava, where top scientists and musicians united to celebrate Earth with an overarching theme "The future of our home planet".

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The future is bright for astronomy, and very expensive (op-ed)

The universe is being revealed in exquisite detail with the current generation of large optical telescopes.

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NASA's 'Mohawk Guy' cameo in '3 Body Problem' explained (exclusive)

Interview with NASA/JPL's systems engineer Bobak Ferdowsi on his "3 Body Problem" cameo.

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Black hole singularities defy physics. New research could finally do away with them.

Black hole singularities defy the laws of physics. New research presents a bold solution to this puzzle: Black holes may actually be a theoretical type of star called a 'gravastar,' filled with universe-expanding dark energy.

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Will a 'rare' lineup of planets be visible to the naked eye in the night sky on June 3?

Skywatchers who plan to rise early and step outside on June 3 expecting to see a stunning display of visible planets will be quite disappointed, at the very least.

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'Alien' heard us all scream 45 years ago today. Here's what it was like on opening day

Here's what it was like seeing Ridley Scott's "Alien" on opening day in 1979, in honor of the iconic sci-fi horror film's 45th anniversary.

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This Week In Space podcast: Episode 112 —Mars on Pause?

On Episode 112 of This Week In Space, Rod and Tariq talk with Rob Manning, Chief Engineer Emeritus of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, about Mars exploration and, in particular, Mars Sample Return.

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Towel Day 2024: What's the deal with towels in 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?'

An explanation of Towel Day and its meaning in the world of Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

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A billionaire hopes to upgrade the Hubble Telescope on a private SpaceX mission, but could it really happen?

Jared Isaacman, the billionaire funder and commander of the Polaris Program missions, spoke on social media recently about why he wants a Hubble Space Telescope mission.

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'It's so complicated:' Boeing Starliner teams diagnosing helium leak ahead of June 1 astronaut launch

NASA and Boeing are still working through "complicated" issues arising from a small Starliner spacecraft helium leak. Launch is June 1, but that's pending a flight readiness review.

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James Webb Space Telescope spots 3 of our universe's earliest galaxies

The James Webb Space Telescope has found three of the universe's earliest galaxies, and they could reveal a lot about galactic dynamics. Here's how.

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Massive new NASA exoplanet catalog unveils 126 extreme and exotic worlds

A new catalog of the masses and widths of 126 new exoplanets showcases the extreme and exotic nature of worlds beyond the solar system.

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