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News from the Press Site: Delta 4 Heavy finale, Starliner preparations and ExoMars gets new contract

As the Delta family of rockets closes out a more than 60 year legacy, a new spacecraft from another legacy space company is preparing to make its debut with astronauts on board. Meanwhile, millions are still basking in the coronal glow of Monday’s total solar eclipse while a new military weather satellite is preparing to enter service.

These are just some of the topics on deck for this week’s edition of News from the Press Site. The hour-long, live show begins at 4 p.m. EDT (2000 UTC) on the Spaceflight Now YouTube channel.

This week, we’re joined by Elizabeth Howell, staff writer for, and Bill Harwood, space consultant for CBS News. Join the conversation by using the Superchat feature while the video is live.

Elizabeth Howell,

Trains, planes and a total solar eclipse! Watching the moon block the sun was a transportation adventure (exclusive) Satellite views of solar eclipse 2024: See the moon’s shadow race across North America (video, photos)

Bill Harwood, CBS News:

Ending an era, final Delta 4 Heavy boosts classified spy satellite into orbit

Total solar eclipse cuts path across U.S.

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